The great advantage of S.E.F. Stadium is its location and easy accessibility.

By car: Coming from the National Road Thessaloniki-Athens, without deviating at all, you arrive inside the parking lots of the Stadium. Coming from the port of Piraeus, it passes outside the Stadium. Coming from the airport and following the Attiki Odos and the National Road, it quickly reaches the Stadium.
By Public Transport: The bus lines 101, 130, 217, 218, A1, B1 starting from Piraeus stop outside the entrance of the Stadium, while the bus lines B1, A1, E1, 130, 218, 232, 040, 217 , 229 ending at the port of Piraeus stop on the opposite side of the road and visitors passing through the special crossing under the coastal road are at the entrance of the Stadium. At the same point, the express line E96 Piraeus - Athens Airport stops.
By Tram: The Tram Terminal ends at the surrounding area of the Stadium, a stone's throw from the entrance of SEF.
By Railway: Railway Station, Neo Faliro stop. Metro with transfer from Omonia to the electric line to Piraeus.